Admission Procedure


Tour Of The Environment

The step for Admission at Toronto Nurturing System is a tour of our environment. An ideal Montessori Environment is very different from conventional schools and we want you to see it firsthand.
School tours are conducted every Tuesday at 1:00 PM and last for approximately half an hour. The tours are for adults only, children are not allowed to accompany adults during tours.


After tour of the environment, you will have a meeting with TNS Administrator. This will last approximately one hour and is a wonderful opportunity to get to know The Montessori Environment operations and procedures, and to understand what to expect of the Montessori environment.


After the meeting, please turn in your application and pay the Admission Fee. No child is able to be considered for admission until we have a completed application on file with the Admission fee.


Congratulations! You have completed the admissions process. All fees, deposits and completed forms, including an up-to-date medical record, must be in the office before a child can begin his/her first day of school.
We enroll students throughout the year as space is available from our waiting list.

Call for more information.