TNS Programs


One of the most common misconception about Montessori System of education is that it only caters children between 3 – 6 years of age but in reality it starts from birth till the age of 18 years.

Special Montessori Programs are offered at the following level:

1. Assistants to Infancy (0-3)

2. Casa dei Bambini/ Montessori Casa (3-6)

3. Elementary (6-12)

4. Adolescent (12-18)

Presently TNS is offering,

Montessori Casa / Casa Dei Bambini

Between the ages of 3 and 6, Maria Montessori called this environment Casa dei Bambini (Children’s House). Having created the foundations of their personality, three-year-old children arrive in the prepared environment ready to develop and perfect their abilities.

They learn best through real-life activities that support independence and self-efficacy; manipulation of objects to provide concrete sensorial experience; and open-ended exploration leading to the refinement of their movements, sensory perceptions, language and the development of their intellect.

All members of this expanded community of 3 to 6-year-olds thrive through opportunities to follow their own interest, freely choose their own activities, develop their capacity for concentration, and engage at their own pace.

Materials and activities are designed to support self-directed discovery and learning, and so are a perfect match for this developmental stage.

They are organized around,

  • Practical Life activities that develop both independence and social skills;
  • Sensorial Material that refine sensory perception;
  • The development of Spoken Language, Writing and Reading skills;
  • Mathematical Material that develop fundamental mathematical concepts;
  • Culture Material that reflects upon our human understanding of geography, history, biology, science, music, and the arts.

Montessori Elementary

In near future, Toronto Nurturing System is aiming to start its Montessori Elementary Program which will be led by founder of TNS Ms Samina Rizvi herself who has acquired her diploma in Montessori Elementary Program from Toronto, Canada.

The program will cater children from age 6 – 12 years. It is divided into two groups;

1. Lower Elementary (6 – 9)

2. Upper Elementary (9 – 12)

In Montessori elementary child enters the prepared learning environment designed to address the psychological characteristics and developmental needs of his age group. Earlier experience in the primary classroom has led the foundation of a basic skill set that allows him to function in this new setting. Collaborative learning and a natural attraction to group work cultivate interest and drive incredible intellectual inquires. The deep ecology of cosmic education creates a social dynamic that supports the growth of community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Montessori System of Education?

Montessori System of Education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician, educator, and innovator, acclaimed for her educational method that builds on the way children naturally learn.

2. Who is the Principal of TNS?

Ms Samina Rizvi, Ms Rizvi has AMI Diploma, Children’s House (Casa Dei Bambini) from Montessori Teachers Training Centre – MTTC, Karachi which is affiliated with Association Montessori Internationale – AMI.  And Diploma in Montessori Elementary Program from Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute, an institute accredited by Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE).

3. Who are other Team Members?

Ms Nasim Fatima is the Co-Founder/Head Directress at TNS. She did her AMI Diploma, Children’s House (Casa Dei Bambini) from Montessori Teachers Training Centre – MTTC, Karachi which is affiliated with Association Montessori Internationale – AMI in the year 2004 and has been a part of successfully setting up three Montessori Schools in Karachi, Pakistan.

Ms Tahmina Rizvi is the Academic Advisor at TNS. Ms Tahmina attained her AMI Diploma Children’s House (Casa Dei Bambini) from Montessori Teachers Training Centre – MTTC, Karachi which is affiliated with Association Montessori Internationale – AMI in 2003, Early Childhood & Development Program from Agha Khan University Institute of Educational Development in 2005 and finally Teaching Phonics and English Language in early childhood from READ in 2016.

4. When do admissions open at TNS?

Since we are a Pure Montessori Environment and in a Pure Montessori Environment admissions are preferably taken when the child turns 2.5 Years and so we take admissions round the year. We also consider enrolling children a little older or younger than 2.5 Years. Every child is assessed by the Head Directress prior to admission.

5. What are the security and safety arrangements at TNS? 

We have a gatekeeper and security guard on the main gate and is also monitored by a CCTV camera. CCTV Cameras are also installed inside the environment and play area. We ask you to hand over your children directly to the Montessori Directress or assistant on arrival and to inform in writing if anybody else is picking up or dropping off your child. In these cases the person doing so must be properly identified.

Our play area is carefully supervised during playtimes.

All adults who enter or exit TNS are asked to close the gates behind them immediately. We ask parents not to allow their children to open or close the gates for security and safety reasons.

During the summer we have fans to cool the outdoor play area and we ensure that the children have plenty of water to drink.

As part of their induction, all staff must read and demonstrate understanding of our fire policy. We hold regular fire drills and review the fire policy after every drill to see if it can be improved.

We also have an emergency exit door in case of an unprecedented event.

6. Will my child go to outings? 

Yes but only to places that are safe and where children enjoy and learn at the same time.

7. What is TNS’s sickness policy? 

If your child becomes sick during the morning we will contact you to request that you take your child home.

If your child has a cold, runny nose, diarrhea, vomiting or conjunctivitis (red eye) we ask you not to bring them to TNS until they are better. This will avoid a complete circle of infection within the environment and lead to a quicker recovery. We recommend a minimum of 24 hours between sickness and return to the environment.

Please inform us if your child has asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or allergies, special arrangements will be made for storing their medications.

8. Our child is still in nappies. Will TNS accept them?

Yes, when your child is ready to toilet train we will work with you and help you with the training – our floors are all vinyl, so there is no problem about hygiene.

9. When can we talk to our child’s Montessori Directress?

If you have any concerns or would just like to discuss your child’s progress you can contact the office and we will arrange an appointment as soon as possible with the Montessori Directress, usually within the next 2 working days. Parent/teacher meetings are held every three months.

10. What is TNS’s Fee Policy?

Our fee structure is included in the information pack, on our website and is on display in the office.

11. What is the main spoken language at TNS?

We teach through English but we also incorporate Urdu through stories, songs and rhymes.

12. Does TNS celebrate Special Events?

Yes, we do celebrate special events such Ramadan, Eid, Independence Day, World Water Day, Mother’s Day etc.

13. Do you provide van/transport facility?


14. What is TNS’s Teachers hiring criteria?

A graduate with Montessori Casa Diploma from MTTC-AMI.

15.  How many programs does TNS Offer?

Presently TNS is offering two programs,

  1. Montessori Casa (Age 2.5 – 6 Years).
  2. Montessori Lower Elementary (Age 6 – 9 Years).